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Sweet Cili Hotel is true to its name. It is unassumingly sweet and cozy for a 8-room boutique residence that is made up of originally three small units of pre war shophouses. Located within the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is just within 5 minutes of walking to the Cultural Enclave which has the highest intensity of historical buildings, monuments and living heritage in George Town such as Khoo Kongsi, Yap Temple, Cheah Kongsi, Acheh Street Mosque and the famous street murals by Ernest Zacharevic. It is also close to Weld Quay where the Butterworth-Penang Ferry Terminal, the famous Clan Jetties and a myriad of hawker stalls are located whilst conveniently near to the First Avenue shopping mall and KOMTAR bus terminal.


Sweet Cili Hotel is located along Gat Lebuh Melayu or Malay Street Ghaut which is named after the early Malay Settlement in George Town which was (back then) of close proximity to the edge of the seafront prior to the reclamation of Weld Quay. In the early days George Town was a bustling port frequented by spice merchants from the Malay Archipelago, Arab and India. Chili, a commonly found spice in the everyday cooking of Malaysian Malays, Chinese and Indians were since then popularly traded.

To most people, chili is known for its pungency. However, to some it is an acquired taste which led to some people, likening it to being (tongue-in-cheek) sweet. “Cili” the Malay spelling for Chili is intentional in context with the locality of Malay Street Ghaut. Hence, Sweet Cili a hotel with the acquired comfort of home and the warmth of a family.


Like its name, Sweet Cili is ironic; the spaces are assumingly modern within a heritage setting. It is raw yet cozy. It is simple yet complete. It is distinctly contextually local yet a composed by fusion of elements that exude unpretentious charm and coziness of a home that simply embrace you, giving you an unforgettably enchanting experience.


Sweet Cili Hotel which are listed as Category 2 Conservation Buildings, were extensively repaired and restored under stringent conservation guidelines with the use of lime plaster for walls, breathable paint, red cement floor and v profiled roof tiles, timber flooring and beams. The extended floor at the back portion of the building is deliberately low to maintain the streetscape of the row of eight unit ensemble and in respect of the surrounding roofscape. The interiors were designed around the existing structures as much as possible in the spirit of conservation contributing again to ironic nooks and spaces.


Sweet Cili Hotel is about living in a unique unassuming experience but bears the signature home comfort of Spices Collection conceived with love by its owners. Sweet Cili Hotel is an alternative home away from home……



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Sweet Cili Hotel is a heritage accommodation in the inner city of Georgetown UNESCO World Heritage Site. Restored from 3 units of pre war shop houses, Sweet Cili accommodates 8 suites rooms with various sizes, layout and decor. Sweet Cili embraced homestay theme, where guests experience local culture and feel of home away from home. Places of interest, eateries and shopping are all within walking distance.